New trends – new challenges


The 8th Conference of

the Scandinavian-Baltic Society for Parasitology (SBSP) and

the Annual Meeting of the European Veterinary Parasitology College (EVPC)


October 10-11, 2019

Copenhagen, Denmark


Workshops and pre-conference activities:

 2nd Nordic Toxoplasma Get-Together

[more to be announced, stay tuned!]


 We are!

Get-together on the Wednesday

Conference Dinner on the Thursday

and Copenhagen Culture Night on the Friday!




Keynote of the First Session - to be announced soon!

Keynote of the Second Session has an intriguing working title:

“Good teacher and bad students: Leishmania is lecturing".

This learning experience will touch upon quick global changes,

new patterns, epidemiology, the role of wildlife, and challenges in the One Health approach. On behalf of Leishmania, it will be

Ezio Ferroglio giving this stimulating talk.

Ezio Ferroglio graduated in veterinary medicine in 1992, gained his PhD in ‘Epidemiology and control of zoonosis’ at the University of Bologna in 1997. He is currently Full Professor of Parasitology and Parasitic Diseases at the Department of Veterinary Sciences and Director of the Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine School of the University of Turin, Italy. Since 1999 he has been involved in more than 70 research projects relating to the diagnosis, epidemiology and pathogenesis of parasites of livestock, pets, and honey bees, and on wildlife diseases of public health interest – with a special focus on zoonotic parasites and in particular Leishmania. He became a member of the European Veterinary Parasitology College in September 2003 and the European College of Veterinary Public Health in July 2005.

Keynote of the Third Session - to be announced soon!

Keynote of the Fourth Session will be about horses’n’parasites. That is, new trends and new challenges in equine parasitology with the “Jon Bon Jovi of parasitology”,

Dr. Martin K. Nielsen!

Dr. Nielsen graduated with his DVM degree from the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Denmark in 2001. He spent three years in equine veterinary practice before joining graduate school. He received his Ph.D. in equine parasitology at University of Copenhagen in 2007, and served as assistant professor there until 2011. He then joined the M.H. Gluck Equine Research Center at University of Kentucky where he now serves as associate professor and holds the title of Schlaikjer Professor in Equine Infectious Disease. He is board certified in veterinary parasitology with with American College of Veterinary Microbiologists (ACVM). Dr. Nielsen is chair of the AAEP Parasite Control Subcommittee which published its guidelines in 2013. He currently serves as co-editor in chief for the scientific journal Veterinary Parasitology. He has published more than 90 peer-reviewed publications and over 150 conference abstracts and proceedings.

Keynote of the Fifth Session - to be announced soon!

Keynote of the Sixth Session: CYSTINET!
Sarah Gabriël will give an overview of the impressive outcomes

of CYSTINET, the European Network on taeniosis/cysticercosis.

S. Gabriël graduated as a veterinarian from Gent University in 1999. She first worked at the Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute in South Africa on anthelmintic resistance in sheep, then she moved to the University of Zambia for five years, conducting research on Schistosoma spp. and foodborne parasites. Subsequently she worked for three years on a cattle ranch in Gabon, and returned to Belgium in 2008 to conduct research at the Institute of Tropical Medicine on foodborne parasitic zoonoses. Since October 2016 she is head of the Laboratory of Foodborne Zoonoses, Department of Veterinary Public Health and Food Safety, Ghent University, Belgium.